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Museum & Art Gallery Stanchions

Double Cord Museum Stanchions Q-cord

Retractable Double Cord Museum Stanchions "Q-Cord"

Clean, architectural look and feel that enhances whatever it showcases but does not distract from the object being viewed.

Single Cord Museum Stanchions Q-Cord

Elastic Cord Museum Stanchions "Q-Cord"

Come in a smaller form for discreet use in galleries and exhibitions. Create a clear division between what they surround and separate.

Ropes and Posts

Museum Ropes and Post Stanchions

A selection of museum stanchions and elegant braided ropes.

Retractable Belt

Retractable Belt 2' Height "Car Show" Stanchions

These 2-foot-tall retractable belt "Car Show" stanchions are designed to restrict access to exhibits and displays without blocking the view or creating the sense of a barrier.


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