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Do you charge sales tax?

At this time we collect sales taxes if the shipping address is in these states: Illinois, Florida.

How to place the order if we are sales tax exempt?

If you are shipping your order to the state where we collect sales tax and have a sales tax exempt certificate we will not charge the tax. You can place the order by phone send a PO or place the order online, in the order comments write a note that you will be sending sales tax exempt certificate. We will remove the sales tax on your order before manually charging your card and will send you a new copy of the invoice without the tax. 

Payment Methods

Checks by mail

If you are paying with a company check, especially for large or rush orders, we would prefer that you don't send the check via USPS because we have been experiencing a lot of delays or even missing mail in Chicago when it was sent via USPS.

The best way to mail a check is through UPS or FedEx. We can provide you with a free prepaid FedEx or UPS overnight shipping label. Please request it via email or phone, and we will email you the shipping label right away. Our mailing address is Barrier HQ Inc., 329 W 18th St. Ste 705, Chicago, IL 60616.

Note: ACH, when possible, is a better and safer payment method than checks.



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