RollerPRO Series Belt Barriers

Easy to Move Roller Pro

Easy to Move

Tilt & Push

RollerPro is the first belt barrier offering the convenience of a roller base at an affordable price. Easily moved by tilting the barrier onto its discreet 4.5" roller and simply pushing using the post head, this product is ideal where barriers have to be moved frequently.

Roller Base

Attractive & Functional Design

RollerPro’s base is manufactured from cast iron with a full coverage floor protector to prevent scuff damage to floors. A 4.5” wide roller is used to provide stability while the barrier is in motion. The roller is discretely inset into the base maintaining the barrier’s sleek look.

Roller Base RollerPro

Long Belt Lengths

Reduce the Number of Barriers

The longer the belt the fewer barriers you need to create a given size of queue system. Fewer barriers means lower purchase cost and less set up time. The RollerPro 200/250's standard 11' belt is the longest in the industry. While the 16' belt on the 300 model halves the number of barriers needed with the industry standard 7.5' belt.

Long Belt Lengths RollerPro

High Visibility Prints

Xtra Wide Belts

The RollerPro Xtra models feature a 50% wider belt making a more visible barrier and giving much greater impact to printed logos and messages.

High Visibility

RollerPro Stanchions For Sale

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