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Plastic Crowd Control Barriers "Movit" & "Minit" FAQ

Movit Minit Xtendit


How are Movit barricades manufactured?

Movit barricades are manufactured through injection molding of Polypropylene.

Are Movit Barricades durable?

Yes! Movit barricades were designed with strength in mind, and have been formulated with strengthening and protective additives to make sure that each barricade will stand up strong, wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

Are Movit Barricades easy to handle?

Yes! Movit barricades are the perfect combination of sturdy and lightweight. At 27 pounds, the Movit barricade is too heavy to be easily knocked over, but still light enough to be easily handled by work crews, event organizers, etc… A single person can quickly and efficiently move a Movit barricade.

Can I clean the Movit Barricades?

Yes! Unlike metal barricades, the Movit barricade won't rust or decay in water. This means that the Movit barricade can be effectively cleaned using high pressure water treatment.

How do I best store Movit Barricades?

The Movit barricades can be efficiently stored in a queued line as a result of their patented feet design. Simply slide the units into place one behind the other!

Can I stack Movit barricades in storage?

Yes! The Movit barricade is strong enough to withstand stacking without warping or deforming. Therefore, the Movit barricade allows users cramped for space to stack one row of barricades right on top of the other, utilizing plywood or another stable surfacing material.

Can I transport Movit barricades via UPS/Fedex Ground?

Movit barricades are too large to be transported via UPS/Fedex Ground. Movit barricades must ship LTL Carrier.

What is the maximum number of Movit barricades per skid?

The maximum number of Movit units per skid is 30 units.

How many Movit barricades fit in a container?

A 40’ container fits 500 Movit barricades.

Why is the Movit barricade better than other plastic barricade with movable parts and/or removable feet?

The Movit barricade is the only one-piece plastic barricade on the market, and it is also the strongest plastic barricade on the market. Barricades with removable feet and moving parts have significant weak points built into their design. When storing, moving, and using such barricades, the feet often break, close unintentionally, or simply fall off. These barricades are also inherently much more unstable.

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