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Question : I’m looking for help on a specific application of fixed, surface mounted barrier posts. We have an interesting application that City officials are requesting for an art piece. What we need is something with the aesthetic quality of the “Museum & Art Gallery Barrier, 16" Tall Surface Mounted (Fixed) Base” that can be epoxied to granite pavers and that will hold-up partially submerged on very exposed roof condition in the Pacific Northwest. The barriers need to be permanent (or as close to permanent as possible). We are obviously concerned about having these metal posts epoxied to granite and continuously exposed to the elements. 


#1 I’m concerned about the Bond strength between the epoxy, granite, and stainless steel. Any time you have moisture, porous stone and glue you can have an increased risk of glue bond failure. I would find out how thick the granite is and if they would consider a floor socket.

#2 prolonged submersion will rust stainless steel over time but It should last a number of years before any problems arise unless its salt water.


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