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Fence Panel Storage Stillage, Fits 35 x 6' ft. Panels, Stackable

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Fence Panel Storage Stillage, Fits 35 x 6' ft. Panels, Stackable

This fence panel stillage helps prevent the fence panels from getting damaged when not in use or when being transported, increasing the life of the panel.

Stillages can be stacked on top of one another, reducing the amount of storage space needed. The riser posts are removable and can be stored within the stillage frame.

Dimensions (mm): 148.4x61x76.6

Weight (kg): 540

Finish: Post Galvanised

Download Fence Panel Storage Technical Drawing Here ↗ and Assembly Guide Here ↗

Stillage Storage

Stillages are revolutionary storage devices developed by ZND for temporary fencing panels and barriers. With the capacity to hold 35 fencing panels as standard and designed to be stacked on top of each other, stillages are ideal for organizing and optimizing storage space.

Further benefits of stillages include the greatly reduced time it takes to load/unload stillage-stored panels, the protection provided to inventory stored within, and the reduced risk of injury to staff from handling individual panels.

Optimize Storage

Our standard stillage has the capacity to store 35 fencing panels. Custom stillages are available that can store up to 50 fencing panels. Stillages are designed to be stackable, allowing multiple stillages to be stored on top of each other.

Increase Productivity

Fencing panels stored in stillages are ready to be loaded for transportation. There is no need to count out individual panels for loading, or untangle them from the storage heap. Additionally, being stored in standardised units allows for quick and easy inventory checks.

Protects Workers and Inventory

Being stored ready to be loaded is not just quicker, but safer for both workers and the panels. Pulling apart panels stored in the traditional way is a leading cause of preventable injuries, such as strains and cuts. Additionally, fencing panels that get tangled are far more likely to be damaged during this process, and require repairs that take more time, and are a potential cause of injury.

Crowd control barrier packaging options: assembled or disassembled?

Shipping disassembled - knocked-down (most popular).

Most barriers are packaged 2 in a box, when you receive the shipment you will have to twist the pole in to the base, instructions will be inside the box, usually no tools required.

Shipping assembled.

We can ship posts fully assembled in the factory, there is a small charge for it, but you don’t have to do anything else just unpack it at the location. A small portion of our barriers can only be shipped assembled.

  • Shipping cost to ship SMALL orders (up to 25 posts) assembled will be 2 to 3 times higher, because the box will become very large and carriers will charge so called “dimensional weight”. Example: to ship two 25 Lbs post disassembled posts in 1 box, the billable weight is 50 Lbs for both posts, to ship them assembled - each post will be boxed individually in a 42x15x15" box, each box actual weight is 26 Lbs, but the “dimensional” - billable weight is 57 Lbs each, or 114 Lbs.
  • Shipping cost to ship LARGE orders (25 or more assembled posts) will be virtually the same. Large heavy orders are being shipped using the most economical method - LTL, boxes are shipped on pallets, the dimensional weight is not applicable in this case. For more details click here


  • Large order shipping cost has to be calculated and quoted manually after you place your order.
  • We can always use your carrier to ship, the shipping charge from us will be $0, you will be charged by your carrier depending to your rates.

"Free Shipping" packaging options:

Products that are sold with “Free shipping” are shipped “Knocked-down”, if you select “Assembled” a shipping charge will be added in addition to the $9 packaging fee. If your order is for 25 post or more and ships LTL, no extra shipping is charged. For more packaging information click here<- Return to main page "Shipping-and-Returns"