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Tensabarrier Custom Printed Belt Replacement Cassette 7.5ft

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Vendor: Tensabarrier

Customize your barrier systems with printed retractable belts. Ideal for marketing or brand promotions, custom belts can include logos, images & text with designs to your specifications.

Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation is a digital process in which the belts are dyed rather than printed so the print won't wear off over time. Unlimited colors and photo realistic graphics are possible. High ink coverage designs will not affect belt retraction or cause flopping. Text, graphics, messages & promotions can be applied to your queue management products with your own unique content design.

Lead time: 2 weeks after customer's approval.
One Time Print Setup Charge: Please contact us for quote.
Belt Length Pricing Surcharge: Based on quantity. Please contact us for quote.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a low cost process suitable for simple designs in one or two colors. As ink is applied to the surface of the belt, it will wear off over time. Not suitable for high ink coverage designs as this may cause the belt to flop and can affect belt retraction .

Lead time: 2 weeks after customer's approval.
One Time Print Setup Charge: Please contact us for quote.
Belt Length Pricing Surcharge: Based on quantity. Please contact us for a quote.

Features and Benefits

• Increase brand exposure to a captive audience
• Enhance new or existing queuing spaces ---belts are easily replaced in the field
• Expanding the reach of your marketing programs with a unique, high-impact vehicle
• Energize your brand and your queue with belts rich in detail, crisp in messaging, and brilliant in color


Add the quantity of the cassettes you want to order to your shopping cart. Contact us or add comments to the orders with a description of what you need printed on the belts and if you have specific instructions. We will send you a quote after receiving your order.
Only after your approval will your order be processed.

Not sure which is the best process for your design? Just send us a copy of your logo or artwork and we'll be pleased to advise you. Please note high-resolution formats are required like .ai or .eps to avoid blurry texts and images.

For more information on custom printing call (800) 500-9980 or

You can also use our contact form.

Crowd control barrier packaging options: assembled or disassembled?

Shipping disassembled - knocked-down (most popular).

Most barriers are packaged 2 in a box, when you receive the shipment you will have to twist the pole in to the base, instructions will be inside the box, usually no tools required.

Shipping assembled.

We can ship posts fully assembled in the factory, there is a small charge for it, but you don’t have to do anything else just unpack it at the location. A small portion of our barriers can only be shipped assembled.

  • Shipping cost to ship SMALL orders (up to 25 posts) assembled will be 2 to 3 times higher, because the box will become very large and carriers will charge so called “dimensional weight”. Example: to ship two 25 Lbs post disassembled posts in 1 box, the billable weight is 50 Lbs for both posts, to ship them assembled - each post will be boxed individually in a 42x15x15" box, each box actual weight is 26 Lbs, but the “dimensional” - billable weight is 57 Lbs each, or 114 Lbs.
  • Shipping cost to ship LARGE orders (25 or more assembled posts) will be virtually the same. Large heavy orders are being shipped using the most economical method - LTL, boxes are shipped on pallets, the dimensional weight is not applicable in this case. For more details click here


  • Large order shipping cost has to be calculated and quoted manually after you place your order.
  • We can always use your carrier to ship, the shipping charge from us will be $0, you will be charged by your carrier depending to your rates.

"Free Shipping" packaging options:

Products that are sold with “Free shipping” are shipped “Knocked-down”, if you select “Assembled” a shipping charge will be added in addition to the $9 packaging fee. If your order is for 25 post or more and ships LTL, no extra shipping is charged. For more packaging information click here<- Return to main page "Shipping-and-Returns"